Southern Ocean County - A great place to visit on vacation, many choose to stay year round!. Our area has become so popular it is now included in the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail; an educational opportunity to learn about coastal life. Long Beach Island offers 18 miles of beautiful beaches for swimming, surfing, sunbathing or just taking a leisurely walk along the water. Our waters provide great fishing, claming, boating or enjoying water sports. Youíll also find fine dining both on Long Beach Island and the neighboring Mainland areas.

Barnegat Light - The Borough of Barnegat Light is at the north end of Long Beach Island. It was founded in 1904 as Barnegat City and renamed Barnegat Light in 1948. This area is rich in history as the first Barnegat Lighthouse was opened in 1834 and a larger lighthouse was built in 1855. The original lighthouse lens can be found in the Barnegat Light Historical Society Museum. In 1992, the government completed a $45 million project of constructing a south jetty creating a three quarter mile beach and fishing pier. This area of Long Beach Island is also known for its commercial fishing fleet. If you are interesting in chartering a boat for fishing or sightseeing, this is the place to go.

Harvey Cedars - The Borough of Harvey Cedars is the smallest borough on Long Beach Island and is on the North side nestled between Loveladies and North Beach. A very pretty community surrounded by Barnegat Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the East. . The Borough was officially established in 1894 but people lived there long before then. It was first known for its cedars and the name is believed to be from the name "Harvest Cedars. Many fun events are held in this community during the summer including the Dog Day Road Race, the Blue Claw Crab Race and craft and art shows.
Surf City - The Borough of Surf City is just to the north of the Causeway entrance to Long Beach Island. It was established in 1894 with North Beach just to the north of it. Surf City is a real family area with summer event highlights of the annual sand castle contest and miniature golf tournament. Itís beautiful beaches attract thousands of tourists and year round residents. It is also home to the Ethel A. Jacobsen Elementary School which serves children from kindergarten through second grade.
Ship Bottom - This is the first town you will see when you reach Long Beach Island. Founded in 1925 when it was separated from Long Beach Township, the area became known as Ship Bottom after a schooner captain rescued a woman trapped in an overturned ship offshore in 1817. Water lovers are attracted to this areas lagoons and coastal bays. Fishing, crabbing, jetsking are a few favorite activities. Ship Bottom is also home to the Long Beach Island Grade School for children in grades three through six. Youíll find BayShore Agency by turning right, going two blocks to the corner of 12th St. and Long Beach Blvd. on the ocean side.

Long Beach Township - This area is the largest municipality on Long Beach Island. Established in 1899, it was incorporated in 1936 to include the communities of Holgate, Brighton Beach, Beach Haven Crest, Spray Beach, Beach Haven Gardens, North Beach Haven, Peahala Park, Brant Beach, Beach Haven Terrace and the Dunes on the South end of Long Beach Island. It also includes three areas from the North end; Loveladies, North Beach and High Bar Harbor. At the southern tip youíll find Holgate where the beach spans close to a mile . Youíll also find the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge here. This area is popular for surf fisherman and dune buggys. The township sponsors many events throughout the year including he lifeguard races during the summer and the annual 18 mile run in the fall. Youíll find our brand new office on the corner of 19th Street and Long Beach Blvd. In North Beach Haven.

Beach Haven - Located on the south end of the Island, Beach Haven was opened as a seashore resort in 1874. It was a part of Eagleswood Township and then incorporated as a separate borough in 1890. This area is full of history and is home to the Long Beach Island Historial Museum. Youíll also find the oldest Yacht Club, the Beach Haven Yacht Club founded in 1880 and the oldest volunteer fire company chartered in 1883. By the 1890s, Beach Haven had boardwalks and two elegant hotels. Today, it is still a great tourist attraction with the Fantasy Island Amusement park, shopping at Bay Village and downtown, entertainment at the Surflight Theatre, cruises to Atlantic City from the Black Whale and more. Activities are ongoing all year long in Beach Haven. Perhaps you have heard of the popular Chowder Cook-off and Festa Italiano in October!
Little Egg Harbor - Little Egg Harbor Township surrounds the Borough of Tuckerton on three sides and is approximately 45 square miles. It was established in 1739 with its boundaries set in 1741. It was discovered in 1614 by Dutch explorer Captain Cornelius Meys. It is said that the men on the first ship that came into the harbor called it Eyer Haven, the Dutch word for Egg Harbor. Fishing, hunting, claming and oystering all played an important part in the early development of the area. Today, many people still enjoy these activities in Little Egg Harbor Twp. It is also a golfers delight with the county owned 18 hole Atlantis Golf Course. Youíll find several waterfront areas within Little Egg Harbor where you can enjoy boating right from your own back yard. These lagoon communities include Mystic Island, Osborne Island, Holly Lake Harbor and some areas of Atlantis. Little Egg Harbor is one of the fastest growing areas in Ocean County and recently completed construction of a brand new state of the art library. The township has an elementary school and intermediate school and is home to Pinelands Regional High School and Middle School where students also come from neighboring Tuckerton, Eagleswood and New Gretna. A great spot for vacationing, summer or year round living. Youíll find BayShore Agencyís Mystic Island office on Radio Road which is the main corridor through the Mystic Island Community.
Tuckerton - A small borough only 3.8 square miles, but very rich in history. So rich that many residents are working towards the development of the Tuckerton Seaport, a working village that will include replicas of Tuckers Island Lighthouse and the Tuckerton Yacht Club. The Barnegat Bay Decoy and Baymenís Museum is one of the most recent accomplishments in Tuckerton. Through the museum and the proposed seaport, many Ocean County traditions will be preserved such as boat building, hunting, working in the bay, claming, oystering and crafting decoys. The Old Time Barnegat Bay Decoy and Gunning Show takes place each fall and draws thousands of people from all over. Tuckerton was settled in the late 1600ís by Quakers and named for Ebeneezer Tucker. Today, the borough is also home to a branch of the Ocean County library and the Tuckerton Historical Museum. The town also has an elementary school for grades kindergarten through six. Youíll find several waterfront neighborhoods within the Borough called Paradise Cove and Tuckerton Beach. Several Marinas along Tuckerton Creek provide townspeople and visitors a chance to enjoy fishing, claming, crabbing and water related sports. Tuckerton also has two County parks to enjoy. Tip Seaman County Park is near the center of town and offers picnic grounds, play ground, basketball courts, tennis court and a lake or you can enjoy sitting along the bay at the park located at the end of South Green St. A merchants association was created a few years ago which is dedicated to bringing in new business to this charming old town. A lot of things are happening in Tuckerton! Youíll find BayShore Agencyís main office on Route 539, also known as North Green St. Approximately 5 miles from the Garden State Parkway on your left just five blocks from the center of town.
Eagleswood - This small town is a reminder that rural and peaceful living has not disappeared from a fast growing area. The area was settled in 1705 but was not officially recognized as a township until 1874. Years ago, the major industry was shipbuilding. Eagleswood has a very active historical society which strives to maintain the pretty old buildings and the old fashioned feel of the area. In fact, the municipal building is housed in the former two-room schoolhouse. Approximately 16 square miles, much of the township is public land owned and controlled by the state and federal government. The coastal area of Barnegat Bay to the east of this township falls mostly within the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge. Take a step back in time and visit this charming area.
Stafford Township - With a population of approximately 18000, Stafford Township continues to grow. Itís history goes back to prior to the American Revolution as the township was founded in 1749. The township has an active historical society which restored the Railroad Museum and the Old Stone Store next to it. Each year, the community gathers in June to celebrate Founders Day and they also have a Good Olí Days event which features crafts, antiques, games for children and good concessions. This area includes the communities known as Manahawkin, Cedar Run, Mayetta, Fawn Lakes and Beach Haven West which is the waterfront area. Route 72, also known as the Gateway to Long Beach Island continues to attract new businesses which provide good ratables for the area. Stafford is also known for itís strong school system and environmental projects. The municipality also has a growing hospital (Southern Ocean County Hospital) which has tripled in size since it opened 20 years ago. Near the hospital are numerous medical offices and two nursing/convalescent centers. Just across the Causeway Bridge from Long Beach Island, Stafford Township has a lot to offer both summer and year round residents.
Bass River Township - The Village of New Gretna located in rural Bass River Township is a peaceful, unique village that time has forgotten. A conscious effort has been made by the community for many years to retain this unique atmosphere. Three pleasant rivers, The Mullica, The Bass and the Wading wander through this township and meet in the village on their way to the Bay. These provide fresh water sports galore and the setting for many beautiful homes. In New Gretna, there are many unique Victorian and Colonial style homes nestled together on country roads. They are surrounded by the more sparsely inhabited Pinelands areas of Bass River Twp., The modern convenience of the North and South Garden State Parkway access barely intrude their presence but provide excellent commuting to all Metropolitan areas. The primary local employer in this area is Viking Yacht Company, however, other employment opportunities exist with the close proximity of Atlantic City providing an easy commute